• Step 1


    Consultation and Brief

    Following your enquiry, we meet onsite to discuss ideas, your hopes and aspirations for the project. Together we spend time in the space and we take an initial site appraisal. There is no fee for this initial consultation. Complex sites may require a surveyor’s topographical survey and this can be arranged on your behalf. We will liaise with other relevant specialists including architects, tree surgeons and planning consultants.

  • Step 2

    Design and Development

    Upon agreement of your Brief and our tailored fee proposal we will begin the design process through thorough bespoke research and develop hand drawn sketches to prepare a concept conveying the garden’s potential in accordance with your Brief. Hand drawn or 3D sketch model visuals add richness and will allow you to see the space from fundamental angles.

    Once designs are approved, we move the concept to a comprehensive rendered Masterplan and if required, complete detailed construction drawings, lighting plans and planting plans and prepare a visual palette of plants and materials.


    Step 2

  • Step 3


    Build, Delivery and Maintenance

    The detailed drawings are sent to potential contractors for tendering on a like for like basis. Once a landscape contractor has been appointed, work commences on your garden. We can attend regular meetings on site with the contractor to ensure the integrity of the design is upheld. We then make nursery visits to choose specimen plants and trees and oversee the planting process, setting out the plants ourselves. We can also produce a maintenance plan to ensure the garden always looks its best.

  • Step 4

    Your Garden

    Your garden is complete and ready to be enjoyed.


    Step 4

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